Japan And Collagen

It shouldn’t surprise you that people who eat well, sleep well, exercise, and avoid stress, tend to be significantly healthier and happier than those who don’t.

Japanese culture places great emphasis on moderate exercise, minimal stress, plentiful sleep, and a healthy diet rich in fresh fruits, vegetables, and fishThis is why Japan’s population is so well known for having a large, independent elderly population that looks significantly younger than its counterparts in other developed nations.

The fish Japanese men and women consume contains high concentrations of collagen, one of the most important ingredients in maintaining the health of skin, joints, and other soft tissues.

Marine collagen VS animal collagen

It’s not so much the collagens themselves, but the extraction processes, that creates the difference between animal and marine collagen.

To maximize benefit, collagen needs to be extracted in liquid form, and most supplemental collagen (whether it’s marine or animal based) isn’t kept in this form. Unfortunately, processing (cooking) removes natural liquids (like collagen) from foods. Because Japanese men and women consume high quantities of unprocessed (raw) fish in their diet, they note only get collagen in their diet, but they get it in the best form available.

Most collagen-extract supplements are refined into a powered (non-liquid) form to improve shelf-life…but not Pure Marine Collagen. We keep our collagen supplements in their natural liquid form.

Our Refund Policy

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