Collagen For Joints

The more active you are, the more you notice the abuse your joints endure.

And as you age, the impact of the abuse is amplified.

Collagen helps joints stay fluid, but as you age your natural collagen levels decrease dramatically, adversely impacting your hair, skin, joints, and body as a whole.

Many nutritionists claim that collagen supplements can help reverse this decline, but in all honesty do they actually work?

Collagen supplements: do they work?

Here’s the reality…

Collagen supplements have varying levels of effectiveness.

Powdered collagen extracts are impactful, but not as impactful as liquid collagen, and animal collagen is good, but not quite as good as marine collagen.

Here’s why…

The extraction processes are different.

Liquid supplements are created using a process that preserves larger quantities of natural collagen than would be preserved in the creation of powdered ones.

More importantly, consumable liquid supplements are more readily absorbed by the body than those topically applied.

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